Dave Konopka

Hi, I’m Dave. I’m interested in site reliability engineering, DevOps practices, and distributed teams.

Let's work together!

Are you hiring for remote site reliability engineering or infrastructure automation positions? Here's my resume. Let's talk.

I'm also available for DevOps project work. Are you fighting fires instead of serving your customers? Hire me to identify the roadblocks and make improvements so you can get back to focusing on your customers.

I started my career in software development. Along the way I developed my skills in site reliability engineering by approaching the problems of web operations and cloud architectures with a software development mindset. I’ve worked with distributed teams for over six years. I help the teams I’m on thrive through iterative improvement.

Work Specialties

  • Containerized workloads on Kubernetes
  • Serverless workloads on AWS Lambda
  • Cloud automation with Terraform
  • Agile team management based on kanban & scrum methodologies.
  • Coaching team members, junior to senior, to define and achieve goals.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Python, Golang, Ruby.

Blog Posts