Dave Konopka

Web engineer & devops practitioner based in Philadelphia, PA

I'm a hands-on engineer with a deep background in cloud infrastructure automation and application development. My specialties include systems automation, web application development, continuous deployment pipelines, and remote team building. My tools of choice include Ruby, Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Packer, Docker, and Amazon Web Services.


Mar 2016 Encrypted Amazon EC2 boot volumes with Packer and Ansible
Mar 2016 Terraform conditionals. Sort of.
Mar 2016 Forgot about Amazon API Gateway models
Feb 2016 Using custom domains with Amazon's API Gateway
Feb 2016 Build a serverless URL shortener with AWS Lambda and API Gateway services
Jun 2015 On-call rotations are a team sport
Jun 2015 The secret to organizing a tech meetup
Jun 2015 Going remote, even when you're on-site
Mar 2013 Repeatable, randomly ordered RSpec test runs on TeamCity
Mar 2013 RSpec run fails, returns exit code 0